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Memo Trotter's story

Following a license in psychology, I  decides to undertake civic service with AFEV, an association which fights against social inequalities.

In the heart of Vaulx-en-Velin, I organize an intercultural meal so that the young people of this district become aware of the world around them. Then in order to energize the meal, I  decides to create a card game with flags and food specialties.  

This is where the idea of  Memo Trotter begins to germinate. Quickly, a crowfunding was launched and around a hundred people joined the project.  

Memo Trotter was born in  June 2017 thanks to all the contributors and Jérémy Caradec, an extraordinary friend and graphic designer.  

Since then, Memo Trotter has been a great adventure, fulfilled  great encounters and moments of sharing!  

                                                                        Maéva Garnier,                        Creator of Memo Trotter

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